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September 18, 2006


Marilyn Scott-Waters

Hooyah! Doing the happy dance for you, both for the sale of your beautiful artwork and also for your efficient and self-motivated houseketeers. That is so cool!

The boy has taken on making his own lunch this year which is a blessing for me the non morning person.

We are going in for a 7:30 AM conference tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to...

a) get rid of homework sheets - we hates them!
b) Get a special dispensation so the boy can pick out his own books (sixth grade level) instead of having one just dumped on him. (Third grade level)
c) Tell the teacher (who kept talking about consequences during back to school night) that the boy is not to lose recess if he doesn't finish his seat work.

Those are the main points. Wish us luck!



Don't ever doubt your talent!!! I was/am in love with your ballerina piece from awhile back, alas being a poor dance teacher I couldn't possibly afford it. So as I cannot compensate you for your hard work wtih money, please take to heart some verbal praise - your work is stunning!


Marilyn - Good luck with the homework sheets! I hate work just to keep people busy, it's just mean. Let me know how it all goes.

Geek - I don't remember anymore how much I was going to sell the Ballerina Theatre for, but email me with an offer (if you still want it) that you can afford and we'll talk. (I'm really trying to get rid of stuff to make our move easier.)

And thank you, it's always great to hear that.

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